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This NFL Lineman Used to Hate Exercise

Larry Ogunjobi, 23, was always big for his age, but when his weight climbed to 350 pounds during his freshman year of high school, his parents knew they had to step in. First, they hid Larry’s Xbox from him—then, they enlisted the help of Robert Mitchell, a weight loss coach. “When my coach and I… Read More »

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‘I’ve had severe eczema since I was six – this helped’

Camille Knowles conquered her lifelong battle with severe eczema through simple lifestyle changes and mind hacks I am one of the 330 million people worldwide who have eczema. It has had a huge impact on my childhood and teenage years – right into adulthood. Camille before and after conquering eczema I was diagnosed with the… Read More »

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How the influence of a grandfather affects this physician

I remember Grandpa Larry’s visits remarkably vividly. He would lumber into the house hunched over, grunting loudly and reeking of cigarettes. He was unshaven and haggard, with wild grey-black hair streaking out horizontally from the sides of his head. He would rock and turn uncomfortably until he could find a chair, then once seated would… Read More »

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