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Double the risk of death! The problem with headline health statistics

By Tom Chivers How should scientists and journalists report risk? The way in which a statistic is presented can entirely change how alarming it sounds. And too often, both newspapers and scientific journals choose the most alarming, but least informative, way. For instance, according to a widely reported study published in the BMJ this month, if… Read More »

Toss the Allegra – Could the Problem Be In Your Belly? Silent Reflux Posing as Allergies

The cough that shows up after you eat, the incessant throat clearing, the random hoarseness in your voice. You’ve been to your allergist and she’s prescribed anti-histamines, decongestants – maybe even steroids. And yet, the cough persists. Your mucus production is on hyper drive and there’s an unsettling sensation of fullness in your throat that… Read More »

Maybe Your Sleep Problem Isn’t a Problem

Hacker Hours “I was never a morning person,” Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, said in a 2016 Facebook video interview with Jerry Seinfeld. He reportedly rises around 8 a.m., hours later than traditional executives, but perfectly in line with hacker hours that prevail in Silicon Valley. “The most productive coders I know — and writers… Read More »