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IV Fluid Not Superior to Normal Saline for Migraine Headache Pain – Neurology Advisor

January 08, 2019 Share this content: Investigators analyzed the effectiveness of IV fluid therapy in patients admitted to the emergency department with migraine. Intravenous (IV) saline fluid administration did not confer a greater treatment effect than normal saline solution infusion for managing migraine headache pain, according to results of a pilot study published in the… Read More »

Cervicogenic headache: Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment – Medical News Today

A cervicogenic headache is a pain that develops in the neck, though a person feels the pain in their head. Cervicogenic headaches are secondary headaches. Secondary headaches are those caused by an underlying condition, such as neck injuries, infections, or severe high blood pressure. This sets them apart from primary headaches, such as migraines and… Read More »

Cervical Dysfunction Needs Clarification to Identify Link With Headache – Neurology Advisor

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