Australian Fitness Star Sophie Allen Shares Her ‘6-12-25’ Workout Routine for An Enviable Toned Body, See Pics

By | November 30, 2018
Australian Fitness Star Sophie Allen Shares Her ‘6-12-25’ Workout Routine for An Enviable Toned Body, See Pics

Sophie Allen shares her fitness regime. (Photo Credits: Soph Allen/Instagram)

Who wouldn’t want a lean physique with toned abs and that envious booty? But to achieve that dream body, one requires dedication and consistency. And a transformation journey of one such woman will want you to follow her workout regime that made it possible for her to achieve her dream bod. An Australian fitness superstar Sophie Allen, 29, shared a series of photos on Instagram revealing her transformation over a period of 12 months. She gives credit to her ‘6-12-25’ fat burning workout regime. Exercise Mistakes That Are Making You Fat and Age Faster.

According to Daily Mail, Sophie was quoted saying, “My biggest physical transformation to date…these are the results of consistently sticking to a training program with progression.” Sophie took to Instagram to share a series of transformation photos from weighing 60 kgs in 2017 to 54 kgs in 2018.

Sophie Allen’s Incredible Transformation Pictures

Speaking on how she was able to achieve that enviable body, she says, “Following a nutrition plan that had me eating a deficit, sleeping well, managing my stress, including daily movement and being consistent.” While her workout regime includes different routines, one regime she swears by is ‘6-12-25’ fat burning workout.

The workout regime includes working on the same muscle group for 6 reps, then 12 reps and 25 reps. For example, she’ll do six reps of lunge squat, 12 reps of leg extension and followed by 25 pendulum squats. Basically, it is a lactate inducing ‘giant set’ workout which is designed for the maximum release of growth hormone available. She also revealed that nutrition is her top priority and that she eats a lot. She said, “Yes I eat a lot of food and yes I still have abs and I’m lean. So it’s possible.” Nutrition Is More Important For Bones Than Exercise Says Study.

Stressing on importance of adequate sleep and sleeping pattern, she said that a consistent amount of sleep allows you to feel more energised, but it can also assist with keeping hunger and fat hormones in balance. Inadequate sleep can overproduce the hunger hormone, ghrelin. “If you are only getting a few hours a night, your ghrelin levels can go up and your leptin levels can go down. This means you are going to be feeling hungrier and less satiated by the food you are eating,” she concluded.

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